JackPot casino

Terms and Conditions

The following rules are an agreement between the guests of the game club (the Player) and the online casino (hereinafter referred to as the Casino). After registering on the site, the Player automatically agrees to these terms and conditions. We strongly recommend that you visit this section of the site every month to re-read the rules, as the Casino has the right to change them without notifying the Player.

It is the responsibility of the Registered Player to re-read each of the following rules on a monthly basis. Casino can change the current rules without notifying users in advance.

Registration at the Club

Register on the website Casino does not have the right to a person who has not reached the age of 18. To create an account on the resource, the visitor must first provide scans of documents that confirm the fact of his adulthood. Minors can not, how to play Casino, and take part in lotteries, promotions, tournaments and other events of the club. In addition, registration is prohibited:

  • Employees of the club;
  • To participants of partner programs;
  • Providers with related services;
  • Relatives of all the above.

If these conditions are violated, the user is automatically recognized by the club administration as a fraudster.

It should also be noted that in some countries gambling on the Internet is prohibited. If you are from a country with similar legislation, then violating laws automatically take full responsibility for yourself. We recommend to carefully read the current legislation before registering on the site.

After registering with the Casino, you will automatically receive your personal profile where the following details will be indicated:

  • Surname, First name;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Your phone number;
  • E-mail address.

The client is allowed to have only one active account on the site. In case if there is a presence of gaming accounts for one player, the casino reserves the right to close all available accounts and to compensate for potential losses at the expense of funds held by them.

The administration of the Casino reserves the right to modify and supplement this list of personal information of the Player. In turn, the institution guarantees full confidentiality of the Players data. The administration also stresses that the Casino is not responsible for the money, Bonus and personal data of the Player, if he granted access to his account to third parties.

About promo-actions, bonuses and jackpots of online casino

Prior to participating in various bonus programs that are organized by the Casino, The player should carefully read the provisions of the bonus policy of the institution, and also must adhere to the established conditions. More detailed information about the calculation of bonuses is presented in the section "Bonuses". Please note that with the activation of certain types of cash bonuses, it is possible to temporarily impose restrictions on withdrawals for the period of wagering bonus conditions.

The coordination of bonus programs is handled by a special department of online casinos. The club can cancel any action without notifying the Player beforehand. Note that it is possible to disqualify the Player if he violates the established conditions of the promotion. To the independently applicable rules, each submitted rule on the conduct of a promotion in the Casino. If one of the norms is unsuitable for implementation, all the others are unchanged and binding.

How to get a jackpot?

The jackpot is played randomly among all players participating in certain games. The list of games is placed in the corresponding section of the site. This list can be changed and supplemented at any time.

Notifications and notices

The casino can send the newsletter to the e-mail specified by the Player. In particular, the institution has the right to report on upcoming promotions and contests, as well as news and transactions. It is also possible to send messages by the club to the users phone. By registering on the site, the player agrees to receive promotional materials via email and SMS. In the event that the client wishes to refuse to receive this newsletter, this is done through contacting the support service

Features of 1-Click service in Casino

Each payment on the clubs resource is carried out within the framework of the 1-Click service. By adopting the rules, the Player automatically confirms the legitimacy of his actions - the use of the services of the Casino.

Account replenishment is possible in the "Cashier" section. The Player has the option of any of the presented ways of replenishing the account. Also, we emphasize that the Player agrees to pay for services, which he ordered at the club, and to pay additional costs (taxes, duties, etc.), if required.

The player agrees to additional costs (duties, taxes, etc.), if any.

It should be remembered that the payment service provider is not responsible for the timely payment of payments, which the player ordered. In addition, the provider is not responsible for the legitimacy of actions performed by the user.

If the Player has applied, it means that he confirms that there is no violation of the current legislation. Clicking on the button "Payment" makes the payment made automatically processed and not subject to cancellation. If the Player decides to refuse any service during further operations, he should complete the refusal by logging into his Personal Account.

If the data of the Players payment card can not be processed, the provider is not liable for this. As well as not responsible for the refusal by the issuing bank to make payments with the Players bank card. If the user does not agree with these conditions, he will need to support the game club.

Regulations on the rates and payouts of the online casino

Each bet is accepted using the official Casino software. The use of other software is unacceptable. If the site of the club fixes a software crash, Casino has the right to withdraw incorrectly credited money from the Players account.

In the event that the Player does not produce a single transaction within six months, the administration can close the users account after this time. If at that time there is money on the customers account, they will be written off.

If in the operation of the casino software any technical malfunction is detected due to which there was a random accrual of funds to the gaming account of the player, Casino game club reserves the right to write off the amount of winnings and bonuses accrued due to this technical malfunction.

Both the accrual of bonuses and the refund of cash are made only after confirmation of the phone number and e-mail of the Player. The administration has the right to make identification measures. The user must provide a scan with copies of a passport or other document to verify his identity. To confirm the identity of the Player, the administration can hold a videoconference. A users account can be blocked until the real identity of the Player is established.

Features of applying for a win:

  • withdrawal of money is made in the same way as their enrollment;
  • The conclusion is possible only in the absence of active bonuses on the account of the Player;
  • the minimum withdrawal amount is set individually for each payment system. Details are available on the account refill page;
  • if the amount of funds withdrawn is more than $ 100 in total, then the casino reserves the right to identify the player. This procedure is carried out to improve the level of customer safety.

A list of available payment systems for replenishment and withdrawal of funds is available on the Cashier page. For more information, please contact the support service of the Casino club.

Withdrawal of the players funds is possible only after the full fulfillment of the condition for the bonus wins, which is 3 * the deposit amount. If the player wants to withdraw funds before this condition is met, then in this case the casino reserves the right to charge a commission of 20% of the withdrawal amount.

The average processing time is 24 hours. We remind you that payment systems can be charged a commission.

Limitations in the withdrawal of funds

For each Player there are various limits for withdrawing funds from the account. And this indicator depends on the total amount of the users deposit.

1. Total deposit up to 60 thousand $:

  • per day - no more than 30 000 $;
  • a week - no more than 90 000 $;
  • per month - up to 600 000 $.

2. The total deposit from 60 to 300 thousand $:

  • per day - no more than 45 000 $;
  • a week - no more than 300 000  $;
  • in a month - up to 900 000 $.

3. Status Gold and above - the size of the limits is negotiated individually.